10 Most Expensive Olympics Ever

most expensive Olympics ever

It required a lot of money to be able to host the Olympics. A host nation must be ready to build new and imposing buildings. They should be able to accommodate the influx of visitors and offer excellent public transport.
Safety is enhanced and increased team working at all levels. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive Olympics ever.

Olympics 1996, Atlanta, United States – US $ 1.8 billion

On 18 September 1990, Atlanta won the right to host the 1996 Games Known unofficially as Centennial Olympic Games, the motto for the games was “A Celebration of the Century”. President Bill Clinton officially opened the ceremonies.
Between the two weeks of the ceremony, the improvement of public transport, airport expansion and construction of the Olympic Village, the cost total for the game is set at $ 1.8 billion. The year that the United States led the medal count with 101 medals.

1980 Olympics in Moscow, Soviet Union – $ 2 billion

On 23 October 1974, Moscow won the right to host the 1980 Games When it came time for the real games began, 66 countries followed the example of the United States to boycott the event in protest of the Soviet war in Afghanistan.
Regardless this debacle, the games cost the Soviet Union about US $ 2 billion. The host city ranked first in the medal count with a total of 195 medals. most instagram followers

2000 Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia – US $ 3.8 billion

The Sydney Games, also known as the Millennium Olympics were held from September 15 to October 1, 2000. More than 10,000 athletes from 199 nations participated in the games that have been conducted over several locations.

Olympic Games 1988, Seoul, South Korea – US $ 4 billion

On 30 September 1981, Seoul was chosen to host the 1988 Games Over 8,000 athletes from 160 nations took part in the games. The opening ceremony was held during the day for the last time in Olympic history. The Soviet Union and East Germany played their last games, as the two nations ceased to exist in 1992.

1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain – US $ 9.2 billion

The Barcelona Games marked the first time since 1972 that the Olympic Games were not boycotted by any country. More than 9,000 athletes from 170 nations embraced the motto of the games, “Friends Forever.” The games were spread over 20 areas with dozens of sub-places.

2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – US $ 11.8 billion

The Rio de Janeiro Games marked the first time the Olympic Games is held in South America. In this edition, we added two new sports, rugby and golf. The total cost at the time of application was R $ 28.8 billion, but with the corrected and updated values, reached R $ 39.1 billion in January 2016 . Of these, US $ 7.07 billion was for the construction of arenas, R $ 24.6 billion in works of public policies (legacy) and R $ 7.4 billion of Rio-2016. R $ 39.1 billion, with current rates of exchange (R $ 3.30), resulting US $ 11.8 billion. This makes the Rio-2016, the fifth most expensive Olympics ever.

Olympics 2004, Athens, Greece – US $ 15 billion

The 2004 Games were symbolic. It was the first time since 1896 that the Olympics were held in Greece. Athens also marked the first time that all countries with National Olympic Committee participated since 1996. Athens worked until the last minute, building sites breathtaking for games.

Olympics 2012, London, England – US $ 17 billion

The 2012 Games, informally known as “London 2012”, being the first time that women had been included in each level. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Brunei were women athletes for the first time.
And women’s boxing was added to medal sports. Top 10 List The Games were televised around the world, the opening ceremonies receiving critical acclaim.

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2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, China – $ 40 billion

The 2008 Games were beyond what anyone would normally expect. China has built 37 different locations to host the games, 12 of which were made specifically for their event.
The public transport system has been expanded to accommodate the expected visitors. With much talk about the opening ceremony and major reconstruction of several sites, costing around US $ 40 billion to host the games.

2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia – US $ 50 billion

The 2014 Winter Olympics marked the first time that the Russian Federation welcomes the Olympics. Sochi is a near isolated city of the Black Sea and a good amount of money had to be poured into the city to improve electricity, public transport and telecommunications.
They also had to build new sites, one Olympic Park, and several other places to accommodate athletes and media. It was estimated that the bill for hosting the games has exceeded US $ 50 billion. This makes this seat, the most expensive Olympics ever.

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