10 Phrases That Every Child Needs To Listen

10 Phrases That Every Child Needs To ListenMuch of our personality and character is molded during the first years of life. Therefore, all examples and learnings that we had over this period were essential to build the adult we are today!
There are some “magic phrases” to be heard by every child as they help to strengthen their self-esteem and personality. Check it!

1. You can!

During childhood, the self-esteem of the people is not yet fully formed. So motivational and encouraging phrases are very important to show the child that the first step to succeed in life is to believe in yourself!
Success is born of the will, determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even not reaching the target, who seeks and wins obstacles, at least do amazing things.

2. I accept you the way you are!

All human beings have their peculiarities. Explain this to your and show that you accept and love just the way it is!
Besides avoiding repressions in the child’s personality, you also make it accept the differences among their classmates. This is an important step in helping to build a world with fewer prejudices and intolerances!

3. I am very proud of you!

Each day is a new discovery for! Is learning to ride a bike, whistling, write, read, write a poem or a song … In short, everything that evidences the interest, creativity and the child’s learning should be very proud of!
When your children do something that requires effort and dedication, show how proud you are!

4. Thank you!

If we want to have more educated adults in the future, we have to set an example now!
Show the child the importance of thank a favor. Have the “thank you” and “please” are key words in everyday you.

5. I love your company!

Even with a full schedule of commitments, separate a few hours of your day to be in the company of their children.
The contact and dialogue between you is essential for the formation and strengthening of family ties, for example.

6. It is your responsibility!

Let your children learn to handle the responsibility of taking care of your stuff. For example, determine specific tasks for them, such as giving food to animals or watering plants.

7. Failure is part of life. Learn from the mistakes!

Life is not made only of victories. This is another important lesson we must learn from an early age.
Show the child that making mistakes is normal, it is part of human nature. We have to learn from mistakes and, with that, we will become stronger people and prepared to face the difficulties that are imposed throughout life!

8. You were very brave!

Encourage the child to get out of your “comfort zone” and try new activities is very important for the construction of his personality.
Show how much you admire the effort and commitment of the child!
Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
Mark Twain

9. No!

Children need to understand that they cannot have everything you want and the time they want! Things need to be deserved and earned, mainly based on respect.
Show rules exist and must be adhered to!

10. I love you!

Every human being (no matter what age you have) need to feel loved to be completely happy!
For children, the feeling of love is one of the main ingredients. So, do not hesitate to declare his great love for his children every day!

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