5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Loss

5 Things You Need To Know About Hair LossHair loss is a super complaint common among women seeking caches. This problem that bothers enough has very different causes and therefore each case is different. For this reason, we separate some information that may be useful if you are suffering from the problem.

It must be clear that this text is merely informative and should not be taken as medical advice . We are bloggers, not medical. Anyway, address this issue is important because many people searching on the internet answers to the problem and end up self-medicating, what can be very dangerous . Be wary of miracle solutions to stop hair loss and encourage a super growth and has in mind that your health should come first! we understood? It’s okay. Come on!

There is a normal level of loss

The first thing you need to know about hair loss is that there is a level considered normal. According to many dermatologists, it is normal for up to 100 hairs per day fall . Who has hair curly / frizzy sometimes passes 2, 3 days without untangling the threads and then takes that sustain when some wires loose forming a “cookie”. But until then, based on this number that indicates a margin for the fall of normalcy, you can breathe a little and not end up tearing your concern own hair!

But keep an eye out ! If a significant amount of wires fall if whole tufts become loose if “holes” start to appear in your hair you may want to seek a dermatologist. Diseases that cause a reduction or complete loss of hair are called “especial” and can manifest itself in different ways: sudden drop, continuous fall, etc. ( Source .) Only a professional can evaluate the causes and possible treatments Of course the idea here is not to despair and think that any hair loss is especial. What we are saying is, there are problems associated with hair loss and this matter should be dealt with very seriously. If painted doubt, consult a dermatologist.

Oh, it’s also important to make clear that hair loss is different from hair breakage . Notice if your wires are actually are falling from the roots or are the length and the tips are breaking.The reasons for the wire breakage may be associated with other problems and habits. Let’s break the hair in another post soon 🙂

Some habits that can cause hair loss

Last year, while researching on the use of braids in the hair transition, I found that the use of excessively tight braids for a period and the absence of proper maintenance can cause a problem that dermatologists call “mechanical especial”. After investigating a little further discovered through the text “Especial in women” that whoever has the mechanical especial may suffer from temporary or permanent loss of hair and among the main causes for the problem are sweeping movements, stretching, burns, etc.

Seeking a little more Google found out some very common enemies in the day-to-day: the hair tails and cokes stuck very tight for example, long-term can cause disruption of the wires and damage the scalp. So the tip is: careful with the use of chemicals in hair. Some straightening / relaxing / permanent / Bleaching / dyes are not compatible with each other. Furthermore, there is a time interval required between these interventions. Skip this step interval can cause the dreaded chemical cleavage.

The second tip is: do not subject the hair to mechanical trauma as hair tails tight and glued to the head . This warning also applies to moms and dads that to comb the hair of the children end up squeezing too strong to ensure that the hairstyle is firm and do not realize the discomfort and danger of this habit. The time to untangle the wires need not be suffering and it should not be done on the run and anyway. Treat your frizzy / curly fondly!

Good nutrition ensures that your wires remain healthy and strong. On the other hand, crazy diets for weight loss may become faulty power important components and damage the wires . Treatment with some drugs also interfere with hair loss . In this sense, self-medication can be a big problem. Only a doctor can assess the situation and talk to the patient about the best options for treatment, the better dosage and raise the possible side effects.

Sometimes the desire to make hair grow encourages many women to resort to a little problematic methods. The use of Mono vim A – Vitamin A concentrate for veterinary use – have been identified as the cause avitaminosis, ie, excess vitamin A. And there we have the so – called “rebound effect”: instead of getting wires stronger, who uses the product has hair loss and other symptoms even more serious. You can read more about some methods of growth in the post Playing Real: growth, Mono vim and tonics . Also read How to increase hair growth safely . Excess vitamins can also be associated with the unregulated consumption of food supplements and the health consequences of the wires also appear.
The hair loss may be related to some diseases
Our bodies often show signs that something does not walk very well. Sometimes excessive hair loss may be related to diseases such as dermatitis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, lupus, silicosis, psoriasis, etc. and in these cases a homemade recipe will not solve. Do not do self-diagnosis or self-medication. Look for a doctor! 🙂 Do not forget also that psychological factors such as stress interfere much in hair loss frame. Thus, in some cases psychological aid may be important.

There are hereditary causes that influence the hair loss
Many people already have genetic factors that contribute to the development of baldness. I for example, I suspect that inherited the outstanding entries that my father has on the sides of the forehead. And they were even worse in high school, when I started to hold the hair too tight and then the part of the hair front has broken enough without my noticing.
Hormones have everything to do with hair loss
Menstruating our hormones are well mannequins and function of the iron loss in the case very intense flows, some women may notice that the hair loss increased.Another hormonal factor that can influence the hair loss is the use of contraceptives and contraceptive combination + cigarette.

During pregnancy hormones also cause a lot of changes. For some women, they can interfere increasing the brightness and hair growth during the period of pregnancy. In the post-par tum period the news is not so good: many women suffer from hair loss for a certain period. If the fall does not stop naturally, you have to seek a dermatologist.

Our hormonal level varies throughout life and that means, among other things, that your hair will not be the same throughout life . It is very common for women to report that the youth had super hair full and that after a certain age the wires are different. In menopause stage, many women may perceive the weak and skinny and wires. As the saying, ” the world goes round .” You will hardly be able to hair 20 years ago, do not be frustrated by it. Keep in mind that your body will change a lot and know that these changes can be linked to natural processes.

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