best cute good night quotes and images

good night quotes and images

It was good dreams, it’s a shame to be just imaginary dreams.

I love you,
I adore you
I wish you good dreams
I want you only for me
In order to
everything I love you forever …..

“It is always good to have good dreams, even if they are only passive illusions, but they can show an event in the course of our lives”

Sweet dreams to everyone both asleep and awake – good night quotes and images

“Good dreams come from the memories I have of you.
I do not feel alone anymore …
your mere presence makes everything lighter …”

I’m going to the carnival of the sheets … God give me good dreams and the Angels say Amen.

Oh Sleep when you came, bring me your best blanket, and make me have sweet dreams.

cute good night quotes and images

If it’s hard to make good dreams, think hard and make good thoughts.

” When good dreams come into our minds, do everything they can to make them come true. ”

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good dreams!
Since your life is no more!
Neither I nor you do not exist everything is just a dream, bad or not at the end there is only a big void full of nothing!
Better than the minds of some people who just have shit!

“Good dreams are built with doses of attitude.”

Maybe tonight was for me the best, I had good dreams with you, but maybe this dream I will not come to realize. Hear you say that you love me at night made me make love to you in dreams

May the serene rain purify the hatred that exists in the world, and I wish you good dreams and rest well for a new week of good humor and kindness.

Yes! Happy are those who dream, but life is not only of good dreams, one day I will wake up and discover that the perfect world that I dreamed so much was only when I was closed, because I could not see the TRUTH!

May July bring good winds, good dreams and great achievements.
May the cold be transformed into much warmth and love to the neighbor.
Welcome July and come what may!

romantic good night quotes and images

Star was God’s way
of craving good dreams
every day.

In eternity
In eternity next to God
I intend to one day be
and good dreams and results lead …

I have a slight preference for nightmares. Sweet dreams are like certain people. They do us good for a moment, but they disappoint us when we wake up and face reality.

Just good dreams for great achievements.

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The good dreams that we have when we sleep are really great moments that make us happy so that when we wake up we will have reasons to face reality smiling.

All good dreams are part of a night of terror.

Do not wish me good dreams! Wish me a good reality, because of dreams I’m already full …

Good dreams and excellent rest for you that completed one more day of your beautiful journey
May you have a peaceful night sleep and full of good energies..
That tonight you can redo in lightness and that your awakening is full of strength, Courage, determination!

You are awesome!!! Goodnight My Love!!!

“Good evening” Prague ” I love you very much and may God help us to overcome this” Distance “, which hurts but it shows how important you are in my life and to all The couples who are in the same situation as ours, Amen.

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