Most Expensive Rings Ever Made

most expensive rings ever madeDiamonds are characterized as the best friend of a woman, but what happens when diamonds cost more than $ 1 million? Some gems and rarities are studded in female rings , making it delicate jewelry. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive rings ever made.

Blue Diamond Ring – $ 10 million

This ring has a blue diamond in carat 6:01, pad-shaped, surrounded by a lower pink diamond on both sides. It was sold to an anonymous buyer at auction.
The same ring was also sold in Hong Kong and the original expected price actually was within the range of 2.5 to 1 million. The fact that this ring was sold three times, and increasingly appreciating shows how much is really exquisite.

The Vivid Pink – US $ 11.8 million

A bid at Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong took this brilliant beauty. It is a cushion cut, very popular and iconic, and extracted all the way in South Africa. This ring is also well known for its rare and exotic beauty. The diamond of 5 carats certainly makes any woman to see him up close very happy.

The Bulgari Blue – US $ 15.7 million

This is the largest cut diamond in blue triangle in the world. And it has a white diamond of 9.87 carats alongside a vivid blue of 10.95 carats.
It was first acquired in Rome in the 1970s, before making its way to North America, where Christie’s was holding it for safe keeping. The estimate of the original price for The Bulgari Blue Diamond is actually three times lower than the value now.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – US $ 16.26 million

This ring features a stunning blue diamond oval-shaped with a band in 15 carat white gold. The band itself is even embedded with smaller white diamonds. The Blue Diamond came from a boron deposit, which was responsible for the striking blue. And it looks like a combination of light blue aquamarine and bright.

The Vivid Yellow – US $ 16.3 million

This is the most expensive diamond yellow all time, and was sold at a Geneva auction Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels. And it seems like a little narcissus in color and shape. Features 2 side diamonds totaling over 100 carats and looks significantly heavy in one’s hand.

Perfect Pink Diamond – $ 23.2 million

It is a pink diamond 14:23 carats was sold at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. Cut into a rectangular shape, the jewelry has a rare shade of pink and even when pink diamond is found, it is difficult to find in size so great.
In fact, the beautiful ring! In fact, there are only around 18 diamonds in the world weighing more than 10 carats were sold at auction.

The Winston Blue – US $ 23.8 million

The Winston Blue Diamond is so named because the Harry Winston jewelers have named. This is a vivid blue diamond and flawless, the largest in the world! Are 13:22 carats, a world record, and apparently worth almost 24 million dollars.
The diamond teardrop-shaped looks absolutely perfect, hence all the “clean” part, which belongs to its perfect clarity. In addition, possible is a more expensive jewelry finding in a ring. Mined in South Africa, is accompanied on both sides by 2 diamond pear-shaped, weighing approximately 1 carat each.

The Graff Pink – US $ 46.2 million

Diamond ring Graff Pink was sold at Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong. During all those years, the ring was kept hidden, but was recently sent home from a bidder in Asia. Diamond is 24.78 carats of luxury and elegance, and its pink color is impressive.

Ring Pink Star Diamond – $ 72 million

Extracted in Africa, the diamond looks like a huge beetle, but is actually a pink diamond. By placing the finger, it is doubted that anyone would be able to raise a hand.
This is a national treasure and comes in 59.60 carats with perfect clarity. It is a stone oval shape and was subjected to polishing and cutting for two years to achieve the perfect look. Originally, it was 132.5 carats in its natural state.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond – $ 80 million

This ring is 31.06 carats a dark blue color, and has perfect clarity. 3 different specialists working in the diamond lapidary hit. Discovered in the late 17th century in Kollur Mine Guntur India originally belonged to King Philip IV of Spain.
The oval cut diamond was seen by thousands and thousands of people at the National Museum of Natural History, and also belonged at one point to Jewelry Austrian and Bavarian Crown.

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