Top 10 types of men that women secretly love

Top 10 types of men that women secretly loveAll kinds of men can be attractive to women, including some types that you would not expect. Of course, each one is each one, but the trend now is another, not the strong, traditional healed. In this selection are highlighted 10 types of men that women love secretly.

Men Cooking

Being able to cook raises much the man in the eyes of a woman. They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, then what the reason is not the same for the woman? This shows that man knows how to take care of themselves, and how to care for others as well. Literally be served makes a woman feel valued, even spoiled.


All things nerds are currently legal. Of comics for encoding, most women want a nerd touch the man, or if you are not willing to admit it. After all, being a nerd really means is passionate about something, and nothing is more important to a relationship than passion.


Success is definitely attractive to most women, for obvious reasons. In fact, many women are tired of men trying to impress them with significant typical of wealth.
The novel is about adventure, and adventure is about playing with their own rules, not the society. Show that does not care about rules and expectations is irresistibly pleasant.


Every woman had experiences with men who whistle, make rude comments or treat them as inferior, so when men understand the reason of equality and respect are important, this is always much appreciated.
With celebrities like John Legend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe proudly calling themselves feminists, the man will be in good company too.

Book Eater

See a man involved in a different world is a sign to the woman who has more on his mind than just sports and butts size. Moreover, there is no better conversation starter than, “I read this book, too,” with instant connection.

Mama’s Boy

If you want to see how a man really is, just look at the way he treats his mother. But to show love for that person who gave life is a surefire way that leads to the heart of a woman. On the one hand, it shows that the man is sensitive, and this should not be afraid to show affection.
No one wants an emotionally reclusive man, after all. Moreover, it shows that family values are important to him, and family values are important to her, too, it is an instant connection on a deeper level.


Women like a bit of male vanity. Her friends speak a well-produced suit basically has the same effect on women lingerie has on men, and small fashion details, like a good pair of socks can make the difference between look like a boy and seem like a man.

men Eccentrics

Modern women know what they want in bed. And if you wish to follow in a somewhat strange, they should admit it, many women are like that .
Studies have shown that women simply have many sexual fantasies as men, but because of the stigma, they may be afraid to talk about what they want in bed. Do not be afraid to start the conversation about trying new things in bed. The man can be happy about it, and she will be.

men Sober

Modern dating is a little too dependent on alcohol. In the current link culture, attitudes to get drunk as a “social lubricant” by reducing anxiety, especially among people who just met. But drinking alcohol out of balance can really open up many possibilities. The man will discover that there are many fun things to do sober, things are much more interesting than going to the bar just.
And being sober allows the man a chance to meet a better woman, instead of just forget everything that told it when they naked and hungover the next day.

Humble man

Humor is the key to attract women, and a little self-deprecating humor goes far way. After all, being in a relationship with someone means to spend much time with each other, with closeness and intimacy, and the fault both appear very well.
So while it is important to be confident, it is also important to be honest, humble and not pretend to be Perfect. This includes not boast of her all the time achievements as women can always see through the false arrogance.
If the man really has something of value to present, let it speak for itself, and the humble men leading position in this selection, the 10 types of men that women love secretly.

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